In The News

November 2016
Ready for take off! Zodiac Inflight Innovations launches new website
Zodiac Inflight Innovations is flying high over the launch of our new website as part of a complete brand overhaul for our IFE product, RAVE. Inspired by our new brand philosophy to be intelligent, lively and captivating,  we created a website that would match the seamless and entertaining qualities of our product.
Zii knows our users are constantly connected to their mobile devices, where the gold standard in design is sleek and modern, with a touch of instant gratification. This was already present in our intuitive, advanced, and customizable RAVE UI, so why not apply the same design philosophy to our website? The new design is open and direct, with a contemporary and responsive navigation, and a user interface evocative of a high-end touch screen device. A sophisticated color palette and clean imagery round out the design, leaving the new site feeling both modern and ergonomic.
Gearing the website to IFEC  professionals and potential employees, the smart but elegant upgrade brings important details to the forefront, so they never get lost in the clutter. Guests can easily navigate through a responsive menu, where they can access product details, brand history, partners, career opportunities and more.