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May 2017
Zodiac Inflight Innovations Brea, CA, USA Certification to AS9100D

Zodiac Inflight Innovations (Zii) is proud to announce its successful Certification to AS9100D with ZERO findings. This was obtained after an 11 ½ day audit conducted at the Brea and Santa Ana facilities. Zodiac Inflight Innovations located in Brea CA, develops in-flight entertainment systems and connectivity systems for the airline industry worldwide.


The AS9100D Certificate scope is, Campus: Design, development, manufacture, repair and installation of in-flight entertainment and connectivity systems. Zii Brea is the first company in the world to achieve the AS9100D certificate for Campus, especially as it relates to the design function. Also of note is that the Zii organization did a complete reorganization and optimization of the existing Quality Management System to align with the Zodiac Aerospace Operating System (ZAOS) process model.


The certifying Registrar auditors in their closing statements made special comments relating to the commitment, knowledge and engagement of all process Owners and Zii personnel. This achievement is a testament to the quality and dedication of all Zii personnel.